Opulance Manifest Oil

Opulance Manifest Oil

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LEVEL UP your morning affirmations, manifestations + mindfulness practices with Opulence 

Attract Abundance. Peace. & Prosperity. ✨

Combines orange and ginger oil used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity & magnify joy and peace. 🕊☮️

spelled with //
 🌹  rose petals // attract love in all areas of life
🦋 blue corn flowers // balancing spirituality and attract abundance
💰  24K edible gold flakes // 
✨ citrine chips // attracts abundance, wealth, prosperity in all areas of life.
🌿 calendula petals // calming, comforting, protection

made with over 8 therapeutic pure essential oils //                    

  • Orange // rich in limonene; for happiness & peace, calms the mind
  • Jasmine // raises confidence, energy and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Frankincense // overcome stress. high in sesquiterpenes and naturally occurring constituent boswellic acid. It helps to uplift mood and brings feelings of relaxation.
  • Patchouli // grounds, centers, balances emotional & mental equilibrium 
  • Ginger // energizing & uplifting, courage
  • Spruce // opens & releases blocks. physically grounding and relaxing. Has a sweet and earthy scent that is fresh and fruity. It is also said to release blocks to prosperity and wealth.
  • Clove // mental stimulant & soothing
  • Cinnamon // encourages self confidence & encouraged a prosperity mindset.
  • Myrrh // opens our mind to receiving gifts. (Think of the 3 Kings)

Reiki charged & crystal infused with the purest intentions

benefits //
Opulence is a blend of powerful manifestation oils proven and designed to enhance the magnetic energy and to create the law of attraction through the magnetic fields around us.
It enhances your thoughts by electrical stimulation of the somatides to put out a frequency charge of prosperity and abundance. 

This oil helps to release feelings of unworthiness or feelings of “not being enough” by opening the heart and root chakra. 

It helps to release feelings of scarcity and poverty consciousness/mindset. This is an excellent oil for those who struggle and worry about money and want to move to a wealth consciousness.

what are somatides? // 
somatides transmit frequencies from the cells to outside of the body.
This happens when you smell our Opulence manifestation oil and project thoughts of prosperity into the universe. 
In simpler terms, this is called the "Universal Law of Attraction"!

ingredients // essential oils + pure 100% chemical free, certified jojoba oil

Handmade | Cruelty Free | Vegan Friendly | Ethically Sourced | Recyclable + Sustainable

how to use//
simply, place 2 - 4 drops on wrists, feet and neck. rub in circular motion and inhale! think about already receiving abundance in many forms, feel feelings of happiness, picture yourself receiving only good things. Expect good things to come your way. 

Anoint your workspace, business cards, wallet, add to paint for a new office to create abundance for your business.

If you are in retail, place a drop on your packages before they are sent to your customers! Give yourself a goal to reach by the end of the day, tell yourself you’ll only meet good, positive and enlightening people! 

*not intended to cure/diagnose or create wealth without putting in the work*