About Us

Hi, my name is Kelly Dean and I started the Laudy Daudy.  I shop the best items from our community to make it easy for you to share and show your love of Fort Lauderdale.  This idea started when I would enjoy our neighborhood markets and see the amazing products our neighbors were making.  I love shopping the local markets with family and friends.  I would meeting so many of our neighbors and discover the items they are making out of love and creating their own success.  They are experts in their own fields.


This is when the light bulb shined bright for me.  Everything I have done and worked on in my past brought me to create the Laudy Daudy, a local gift box company with curated items from Sunny Fort Lauderdale.  I have worked in design, production and retail for years.  With all my experiences, I knew I could create a place to showcase our outstanding local products.  When I owned a children’s store, one of our many amazing services that we provided to our customers, was to package your gifts beautifully without the hassle of you having to do the shopping.  Our customers would just let us know a few things about their recipients age, likes and their budget.  We would have a personal gift picked out  all ready to go for you to impress.   I took that idea and combined it with the amazing items that are made right here by our neighbors in Fort Lauderdale.


I could not have started the Laudy Daudy without my family.  My husband Gamma is my support.  He is always there to help fill in at home for me or fix my technical issues and I am really good at "technical difficulties".  My kids, Jameson and Aria, are my "assistants".  They accompany me to markets and on deliveries between school and their activities.  I am so lucky that I have been able to mix my time between work and family.  My kids see how they can too create their own path through life doing what they love while having a balance for what is important. 


The Laudy Daudy gift boxes are perfect for all your corporate gifting needs, real estate closing gifts, welcome boxes for your out of town guests, friends that may have moved away but still love and miss Fort Lauderdale area.  We want you to always have that beautiful and thoughtful gift.  If you have ever asked yourself, “I need a gift for…”, then we can put a box together for you.